The technological world is moving at a rapid pace and only a percentage of the planets people are part of it. Art plays its part in this accelerated progress with a constant focus on the here and now presented in infinite, realistic detail. As an artist Simon Isaac is following an interdisciplinary path with his work, resonating with the past and his upbringing in industrial Wales, whilst focusing on technologically driven changes in art and how this will shape future society. Simon is currently working with the international artist collective Memorial Device, curated by Brunno Silva.

David Come Home
The World is moving rapidly and technology along with it. Migration and the desire to better our lives as human beings looks simple when the wider world opens up before us on screen. Yet the connection with family and home remains.

Into the Light
Nuclear power will eventually be the downfall of the human race. We have the evidence to prove it, yet nature takes on a new power when man is removed from the equation.

Working Man
Men of power, men who make things, men who bring joy to others. Working Man may not always represent the expected.

Power & Filth
Masters, slaves, pups, uniforms. People out of themselves, hidden behind masks, being someone else. Secret moments and the desire to be anonymous.

Places which many have forgotten become the playgrounds of graffiti artists, photographers and the rejected souls of society. They can be found in even the most affluent cities in the world.

Video interview with Idea13 Magazine 2015
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Feature in the Southend Echo on Into The Light 2016
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Interview with Essex Life magazine Summer 2014
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