Bright light, warm souls

by Simon Isaac / 28th April 2018

We gathered again as a family, this time far from the madding crowds of London. Our destination; Haworth to walk in the footsteps of Johnny and Gheorghe through God's own country. Every time we meet our bond and relationship gets...

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God’s Own People

by Simon Isaac / 24th December 2017

This Tuesday, I had the most interesting day. It all started with lunch with two very lovely friends, who are both priests. The lunch was filled with fantastic stories from my friend Ann who has been appearing on Big Brother with...

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by Simon Isaac / 27th September 2017

San Francisco by night is full of the sights, smells and sounds that evoke a passion and lust for life found nowhere else I've visited in the world. Maybe I'm not well traveled enough, but I have a physical draw...

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For the Land

by Simon Isaac / 16th September 2017

God's Own Country is the most moving, touching and evocative film I have seen in an age. Not only has Francis Lee captured the intensity of two very different people falling in love and changing their lives, he's also shone a light...

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Love, hate.

by Simon Isaac / 21st May 2017

There's something about London which often fills me with intense hate. I usually get these feelings in the atmosphere of the West End, a place filled with a society concerned only with itself, a place owned by faceless brands and...

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Angels & Demons

by Simon Isaac / 18th March 2017

From an early age, I remember the enourmous Ford car factory in Swansea which always appeared like a huge town to a small boy. We'd drive past it on our way to a day out to Swansea and I'd always...

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Only revolution will bring change

by Simon Isaac / 22nd January 2017

Watching the inauguration of Trump filled me with sadness and disbelief, that someone filled with such hatred, prejudice and an abject disregard for all the good work to bring people together over the last 9 years could become a world...

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For the people

by Simon Isaac / 14th January 2017

I've visited Valencia many times and it remains one of my favourite cities in the world, but why? Having travelled extensively as a military airman, marketer and photographer, I am still drawn to the simplest, most real of places. Authentic working...

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The end of industrial Wales

by Simon Isaac / 10th December 2016

I wasted many hours of my youth breaking into disused factories, warehouses and hangars. Where I was brought up is a very industrial area which has now transformed completely, leaving even more abandoned industrial spaces.

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Disrupting Eames

by Simon Isaac / 5th November 2016

On a recent trip to LA, I visited the Eames studio and house which was beautiful. Tucked away amongst the trees with a view of Santa Monica pier, the peace, tranquility and simplicity of its surroundings were sublime. Combined with...

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A disaster for 1000 years

by Simon Isaac / 19th October 2016

30 years ago on 26th April the Chernobyl disaster shook the World with what was and still is the worst ever nuclear accident in history. As we commemorate this event and those that lost their lives trying to protect the...

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by Simon Isaac / 3rd September 2016

Fascinated by the mysticism of the East, photographing tribal women in dance and celebration has always caught my imagination.

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Brutalism Disappearing

by Simon Isaac / 23rd July 2016

On my doorstep remain some unsung heroes of brutalist architecture, some have already gone. People seem to think the movement ugly, unworthy and a past that should be forgotten. I prefer to revere it, the forgotten, the mundane and invisible...

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Mourning Kiev

by Simon Isaac / 16th July 2016

There's lots going on around the world at the moment, and it brought back memories of my first visit to Kiev. Its difficult to imagine what I was expecting from my visit to Ukraine. Since a boy in the early...

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Silent Stories

by Simon Isaac / 22nd May 2016

I documented Niki Cornish's current Exhibition 'Silent Stories', a concept supporting the charity Mind in raising awareness of mental health issues. The concept is incredible, with a film noir short shot in black & white and a book of stories,...

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by Simon Isaac / 1st May 2016

Matthew Butcher's FloodHouse project is moving up and down the estuary at the moment and it was moored off Southend last night. I walked down the pier to see it launched, and this morning, across the mud flats as the...

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