For the Land

God’s Own Country is the most moving, touching and evocative film I have seen in an age. Not only has Francis Lee captured the intensity of two very different people falling in love and changing their lives, he’s also shone a light on the hardship of young farmers today growing up in an often isolated life. Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu brought the whole thing to life with passion and intimacy that just pulled you in from the moment they met.

The impact it has had on me has been immense this week and it has inspired me. I trawled the archives of my work to share images with you that have never been public before in any of my exhibitions. These images are evocative themselves and they mean a lot to me as people have shared themselves with my camera. They are all from 2 exhibitions, ‘Working Man’ from 2014 and ‘Into The Light’ from 2015 and reflect the emotions and feelings I have encountered from the film.